Top 10 movies of 2012 based on Domestic gross sale

Last year, the film industry comes big in presenting great movies. It was a rundown of comic characters turned movie icons, sequences and new original movies. The box office listing is once more rocked by the huge sales of the top movies of 2012. Summarizing the best of 2012 movies, here are the top 10 film base Domestic grosses.


Marvel's “The Avengers”


This film truly captures the excitement of the public especially those comic fanatics. Besides bringing to the big screen the popular Marvel’s group of superheroes, The Avengers movie has included some characters played by its original celebrity. The film hits $623,357,910 gross sale shown over 4,349 theaters. The movie begins its theatrical showing on May and end in December of 2012.


The Dark Knight Rises


Batman movies never stop to amaze people. In this version of Batman, after eight years of silence, the hero returns to fight the villains to protect the Gotham who band him as criminal. With great acting, Christian Bale has once more taken the Batman character into the stardom. Totaling to $448,139,099, its gross has placed the movie in the second spot of 2012 top movies.


The Hunger Games


This movie is an adaptation of the famous Science-Fiction book of Suzanne Collins. The movie story was so fresh that the viewing public has put it to the third place of the list. Gaining $408,010,692 gross sale and shown in 4,137 theaters.  




The handsome and clever spy of her majesty is once more in the move to find the truth and justice but this time he also need to assess his loyalty to M, his boss. This James Bond movie gets the fourth position of the list gaining $304,360,277 gross sales.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


This is the first part of the film adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien 1937 novel. Following the success of the Lord of the Ring trilogy, the film also comes strong in its first movie reaching $303,003,568 in sales and shown in 4,100 theaters.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2


The final chapter of the Twilight Saga film has put itself on the sixth spot of the year’s best movie. This chapter has reaped $292,324,737 gross sale. It was shown in 4,070 cinemas.


The Amazing Spider-Man


How amazing a spider can be? This film knows it well as it catch the public interest in its web awesomeness. Dangling at the seventh place, the film bag $262,030,663 of gross sales.




Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios present this animation of a princess who defies custom and save the kingdom. This animation film has pinned its magical adventure at the eight spot gaining a gross sales of $237,283,207.   




A simple birthday wish has turned a cute teddy bear alive and became the best friend of a boy. Grown up together, the buddies have to face new challenge of adulthood and responsibilities. The film got hold of $218,815,487 gross sale putting it on the ninth spot of the list.


Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted


At number 10 are the cute and cool guys of Madagascar. The journey has brought

$216,391,482 gross sales to DreamWorks Animation and Pacific Data Images.


Here it is the top 10 movies of 2012 with their huge box office topping sales. 


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