The Top 10 Popular Movies in 2011

The most popular movies that were released in 2011 really made the best spot on the chart. What made these movies worth watching is its great line-up of artists and the best directors. It has the most unique twist and genres of their stories that really caught the attention of the viewers. The tree of life is an American film which is full of drama and the unique experimental elements to be found in no ordinary story is one of the most popular movies of the year 2011. This is a story about a middle-aged man’s childhood memory of his family living in Texas shows the beginnings and importance of life as it states a contrast between the earthly origin and the perception towards the final end of human life on earth. Starring Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain and Sean Penn that is just some of the most sought after actors and actresses that made it a must see movie.


The Sucker Punch is an American fantasy oriented action film. It is about the imaginations of a young girl that is recently admitted to a mental institution as she tries to escape from the dreadful place before suffering a lobotomy. This is a very interesting movie directed by Zack Synder that is definitely worth watching.


Just Go With is a successful romantic comedy film of the year. It is about a loyal assistant who is pretending to be the “soon to be divorced wife” of his boss just to cover a lie to the young girlfriend of his boss and this might lead to more complicated things in this great twist of love and laughter. It features Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston and directed by Dennis Dugan.


Completing the top 10 of 2011 box office placers are the Final Destination 5, X-men First Class, Bridesmaid, Thor, Crazy Stupid Love, Immortal, and Limitless. These movies are the greatest line-up of the most trending and popular movies of the year 2011 that were all produced with the finest artist in the movie industry. The cast of actors and actresses, the directors, producers and writers were really notable in coming up with these top grossing movies. The movies all gave the satisfaction and entertainment that the viewers remember and enjoy. So when reviewing which film of 2011 becomes the most awaited here are the list that can guide the readers and movie fanatics.

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