Top 10 Movies of 2007 based on international gross sales

Movies of 2007 have enough entertainment to make us watch them and go back in time. I created a list of 2007 top 10 movies which dominate the worldwide market. These movies are awesome and memorable for the fans and viewers. I listed them with their huge takings of gross sales and some information about the movie.


Leading at the top is the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Captain Jack Sparrow and the crew are now facing a unified threat of the Flying Dutchman and government naval fleet. They too bonded together along with the world pirate lords to stop their enemies and preserve their pirating ways.  The movie earned impressive $963.4 Million global sales.


The second great spot is filled by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This film of the Harry Potter installments is $939.9 Million successful worldwide. Harry and his friend are now exerting extra effort to study defensive magic due to the previous encounter of Harry with Lord Voldemort. It’s another great magical adventure of the team that entertained their fans and viewers all over the world.


Spider-Man 3 occupied the number three position of the list. Gaining $890.9 gross sales from viewers around the globe, it just proves that the Spiderman character is still the beloved friendly neighborhood superhero. The web crawler is facing Venom and Sandman.


The fourth placer of the list is Shrek in its third movie sequel. Shrek the Third have accumulated $799 Million

gross sales worldwide. Shrek with his wife and friends are having their adjustment in the royalty life and given a more stressing one due to Fiona’s father’s illness that put Shrek as the prominent heir of the Far-Far-Away kingdom. Their exciting exploit once again entertained young and young at heart people.


Sitting at the fifth spot is the Transformers. Director Michael Bay creatively gives this classic cartoon a live movie spotlight. Many Autobots fans have excitedly awaited this film and it really shows in its big $709.7 Million international gross sales.


Ratatouille is another Disney-Pixar animated movie that touched the heart of many. It was a story of a rat who fought its way to be a chef in the big culinary world of Paris, France. The film total gross sales worldwide ended to $623.7 Million. The story is great and the voice over talent gives their performance very well.


At number seven is Will Smith “I Am Legend”. It has accrued an international gross of $585.3 Million. Smith portrays a role of a scientist who had survived a plague which turns human to flesh eating zombie. He stays in New York at ground zero of the plague and still looking for a cure while struggling to stay alive. The movie greatly gained the interest of the people and made it a successful film of the year.


The Simpsons Movie is number eight of the list. The funny and humorous antic of the family earned $527.1 Million sales. Viewers all over the world really appreciated this popular TV cartoon having a movie underline.


The number nine movie of 2007 is the National Treasure: Book of Secrets. This is the second film of National Treasure which stars Nicolas Cage. The movie grosses reached $457.4 Million. The film was sort of a tour of America’s history and wonderful places.   


The last and the 10th placer of the list is 300. This movie is visually mesmerizing which leads to $456.1 Million gross sales. The film tells the story of the brave 300 Spartans who faced the invading army of the Persian Empire.  


Here is the complete list of the top 10 movies of 2007 and its glorious worldwide gross sales. Available in many streaming sources, anyone can see the movies again and enjoy it. 




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