Top 10 Movies of 2006 – Movies that made it big in worldwide sales

Movies of 2006 are full of entertainment that really made the worldwide viewers very happy and amuse. Most of these movies are unforgettable and remarkable which truly makes it to the heart and minds of the viewers. Here are the movies that made up the top 10 list of 2006 based on their gross sales worldwide.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


Captain Jack Sparrow, Will and Elizabeth are back to find the Dead Man’s Chest. Their lives are once more intertwined by the chest which Jack needs to have in order to defeat Davy Jones while Will and Elizabeth needs to find turners father which is taken as the crew of the Flying Dutchman. The movie has made $1,066.2 Billion gross sales which placed it at the top of 2006 Worldwide box office movies.


The Da Vinci Code


The Da Vinci Code has gained $758.2 Million globally that made it the second biggest movie of 2006.  Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon investigates a murder that leads him to encounter a religious group that holds a mystery that began two thousand years ago.


Ice Age: The Meltdown


Another adventure of the unlikely herd began when their environment starts getting hotter as the ice age is coming to an end. This animated movie has sold $655.4 Million in gross sales from viewers all over the world. It landed at number three on the list. 


Casino Royale


This James Bond franchise has taken the number four spot on the list. James is now playing at a casino to find out the head of a big weapon syndicate but turns out not to be simple and can cause his life. The movie has gained $599.0 Million global gross sales.


Night at the Museum


At number five spot is the adventure of Larry Daley, played by Ben Stiller, as a security guard at a Museum. The film worldwide gross sales reaches $574.5 Million. The movie was full of entertainment and laughs.




Another successful Disney animated movie about talking cars and racing has amazed and entertained viewers from different country. The movie earned $462.0 Million gross sales and the number six movie on the list.


X-Men: The Last Stand


The X- Men  franchise continues to fill in the list this time with $459.4 Million gross sales. It ranked number seven due to its cool effects and great portrayal of the comic characters.


Mission: Impossible III


This third movie of the Mission Impossible franchise is number eight on the list. The film has taken home $397.9 Million.


Superman Returns


Superman character has returned to the big screen and proves that the world has never forgotten the entertainment the he brings. Grossing $391.1 Million worldwide it is the number nine movie on the list.


Happy Feet


A penguins life and how he saves his kind has captivated the audience around the world. The film grosses to $384.3 Million and the number ten movie on the list.


2006 has great movies that are still fun to watch. Viewing these movies will show more about the entertainment they bring.  


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