Top 10 Movies of 2004 – Top lister for worldwide sales

The year 2004 starts and ends with lots of good movies. Here are the top ten films of the year based on their sales accumulated throughout the world. The list will give us an idea on which films gained the biggest income and along with it is the viewers likings.


At number one spot is the continuing story of Shrek and his friends. Shrek 2 brings in the differences and issues between human and ogre. The film captivates the heart of many, young and old alike, and gained a huge $919.8 Million sale.


The second place on the list is occupied by the third installment of Harry Potter. The Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban managed to bag $796.7 Million. Like the first two chapters, this film has successfully charmed viewers worldwide.


The web slinger returns and this time he battles the genius turned evil Doctor Otto Octavius. The movie can be said to catch the viewers in his web taking the third place of the list with its  $783.8 million sales. Speedy still proves to be the friendlies hero of the neighborhood.


A family superheroes catch the attention of many people making a spot on the list. The Incredibles is the number four film of 2004 based on worldwide sales. It earned $631.4 Million and the fans are waiting for another film for this title.


The holiness of the Lord Jesus Christ was once again retold in The Passion of the Christ. The movie earned $611.4 Million international sales. Believers and non-believers viewed it to refresh the moments of Christo on earth.


The Day After Tomorrow tells about a climate change that brings forth global chaos. It shows how people perish, work to survive, and keep love for friends and family in time of disaster and calamity. The film $544.3 million sales take it at the sixth spot on the list.


Meet the Fockers is a comedy film that really brought laughs and smiles to its viewers. It was an all star movie that take home $516.6 Million sales from worldwide viewers.


The love, revenge, brotherhood, and grid of human are told once again in the film of Wolfgang Petersen. Troy, a film that grossed to $497.4 Million and the year’s number eight film to earn big globally.


Will smith Shark Tale is at number nine of the list. Gaining $367.3 Million sales and one of the highest gross earner of Will Smith.


The last spot goes to Ocean's Twelve. After the success of its first film, Ocean Eleven, another attempt was made to bring back the gang with another one adding in. The film accumulated a sales amounting to $362.7 Million.



Showing the list of 2012 top 10 movies according to their worldwide gross sales will give people a hint of what to recall and what to once again watch among the many movies of the year. The movies will never be included in this list if it is not that good. Watching them will be a good way to find out what these films really gives.  

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