Top 10 Movies of 2003 – Biggest Gross Seller Worldwide

Each year, great and entertaining movies come out. Several of these films are well produced that it clings to the mind of the viewers. In 2003, the box office list has been filled with films that made a buzzing sales. Writing down are the movie titles and their sales figure that made them the top 10 films with huge worldwide gross income.


Bad Boys II


At number 10 is the wacky duo of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. This is the second film of the title and getting the spot with its $273.3 Million sales. The two narcotics cops are back and now they have dug deeper into the world of illegal drugs.


X2: X-Men United


The mutant heroes X-Men return but this time fighting along side their previous nemesis Magneto to stop a mad government official who wages a personal war against mutant. The movie hit the ninth place as its sales reached $407.7 Million.


The Matrix Revolutions


The final film of the Matrix trilogy takes the number eight spot with their sales recording to $427.3 Million. The story of Neo and his friends to liberate mankind from the machine take over has reached its final days. Neo has fulfilled the prophecy of having the peace they want in exchange for his life.


Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines


Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as the T-101 cyborg. Sent by his future self, John Connor, the cyborg aim to protect the present John Connor from the latest model T-X terminator. The movie earned $433.4 Million that made it the seventh film on the list.


The Last Samurai


The film has taken home $456.8 Million placing it on the sixth place. It was a story of Nathan Algren, played by Tom Cruise, who was hired to train the Japanese Imperial Army. He's lost in his first battle to the Samurai warriors made him a captive of the rebels and his turning point in knowing the truth, honor and ways of the samurai.     


Bruce Almighty


God allows his power to be used by a mortal, Bruce Nolan, who blames the almighty for every wrong things that happen in his life. It was a funny movie that earned $484.6 Million and making it the number five film on the list.


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


The movie was about the entangled destiny of Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann who leads them on an adventure of a lifetime. The movie gained $654.3 Million and the number four film on the list.


The Matrix Reloaded


This is the first part of the final film of the trilogy. It was about finding the answer that can bring salvation to mankind against the machine. This part has earned $742.1 Million gross sales from worldwide market. It's our number three movie on the list.


Finding Nemo


How cute and adventurous a film can get? This film shows it all. Disney and Pixar brings to life a story of a fish and his son and their strong bond that made the father cross thousand miles just to save his son. This animated film has recorded a sale amounting to $880.6 Million. It is the number two film on the list.


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


The final movie of the a novel adopted trilogy is our number one film. It has a huge $1,119.1 sales coming from viewers around the globe. The greatest of the battle for middle earth finally occurred and Frodo must find his way across the Dark Land to destroy the ring. The adventure and story of our heroes entertained viewers all over the world making it a truly memorable film.



This is the final list of movies which top the 2003 worldwide box office. Watching again the films or watching it for the first time is a good way to know the entertainment these movies brings.   

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