Top 10 movies of 2001 – Gross toppers of the year

Big sales are often a score mark in giving praises for movies that really come strong and popular in any given year. In 2001, movies with these of kind sales are truly remarkable; these are the one’s that entertain and impress moviegoers worldwide. Here is a list of movies with records that hold the top 10 positions.  

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone



The first movie adaptation of Harry Potter books holds the number one spot of the list. It is the story of the young Harry Potter and his starting journey to a world full of magic and mystery. The film has made $974.8 Million sales worldwide. 

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



Another movie adaptation takes the second spot of the list. This time it’s a trilogy about the journey of the brave and kind Frodo Baggins to save his beloved land, friends and the whole Middle Earth. The film bags $869.3 Million sales from viewers around the globe. 

Monsters, Inc.



Disney’s finest minds and animation experts brings a new kind of funny and entertaining monstrous movie. Monsters, Inc. is a story of two monsters trained to scared kids for a living when an accident change their lives and full it with humanness towards a cute young girl. The laughs it brings gained $528.8 million sales and the third movie of the list. 




More adorable character from Disney brings forth $484.4 million sales. This time it’s an ogre named Shrek who was forced to save a princess and accidentally find the love of his life. 

Ocean's Eleven



An assembly of fine stars filled the Ocean's Eleven movie. The film has earned $450.7 million sales worldwide. The plot of the movie tells a story of eleven individuals grouped together to steal million of dollars from a big time casino. 

Pearl Harbor



Telling the history of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the story of people who survived the attack, the film brings forth memories of bravery and heroism. It gained $449.2 Million in sales.

The Mummy Returns



This is the second film of the title and bringing back the original characters and stars of the film. A sale of $433.0 million was hit by the film making it the number seven movie of the list. 

Jurassic Park III



Showing again the great fictional man made Dinosaur Park of the world. The film amazed viewers with its effects and thrill making it the number eight film of the list. It has earned $368.8 million in sales. 

Planet of the Apes (2001)



The film is a remake of a classic film of the same title land at number nine of the list. The journey of young researcher astronaut brings him to a world where apes are dominant and human are treated as slave by primates. The film earned $362.2 million sales. 




The thrilling story of a psycho killer is the number ten movie of the list. It has gained $351.7 million in sales from around the world. 

This is the list of the top 10 movies of 2001 with huge sales and positive feedback from viewers. It will be nice to see this film again to see how great their production is. 

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