Top 10 Grossing Movies for 2000

Great movies were shown and choices are done by public and critics alike. 2000 is the start of a new millennium with great movies showed and appreciated. Now we count the top 10 movies with high gross income. 

Mission Impossible 2



The second sequel of the Mission Impossible movie still cast by Tom Cruise and directed by John Woo makes a huge comeback grossing $546.4 million sales worldwide in the year 2000. Tom Cruise still has the role of the agent Ethan Hunt of the IMF, a top secret agency, stopping a madman before spreading a virus. A great movie with great stunts and lots of action, worth having the number one spot.




A movie consists of betrayal and medieval fight, cast by Russell Crowe, a loyal Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius and directed by Ridley Scott. Betrayed by the emperor’s son Commodus, who kill his father to seize the throne, it’s like a Roman history and consist Roman culture. The movie grossed $457.6 million worldwide and a box office hit in other countries. 

Cast Away



An adventure drama film starring Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland, a FedEx agent who got stranded on an island when his plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean and directed by Robert Zemeckis. Having the sales of $429.6 million all over the world and taking the number one drama of the year 2000, stand number three in 2000 worldwide grossing movie. 

What Women Want



This is a romantic comedy film starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. Directed by Nancy Meyers and grossing over $374.1 million worldwide. Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall, an advertising executive who got electrified while taking a bath suddenly has the power to read thoughts of women all over him and fall in love with a co-worker Darcy (Helen Hunt). The movie is great, lots of laugh and in the end you’re going to be inspire.




Dinosaur is a computer generated adventure movie starring D.B. Sweeney takes the voice of Aladar, an abandoned egg who raise by lemur and named him Aladar, a brave yet compassion dinosaur trying to fit in with his kind while surviving the meteor and other carnivore dinosaur attack. Grossing over $349.8 million worldwide with breathtaking visual and most scene are film on location takes the number five in the movie industries.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas



Also known as the movie “The Grinch” is a fantasy comedy film starring the funny Jim Carey as the Grinch, a cynical and misanthropic creature who despises Christmas learns to that Christmas is not just for gifts. Based on a 1957 book of the same name by Dr. Seuss and directed by Ron Howard, the movie grosses $345.1 million worldwide. What do you expect from the funny guy Jim Carey.

Meet the Parents



Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller team up brings a hilarious film about a bride’s father suspicious attitude towards his fiancée. There combo take home $330.4 million sales. 

The Perfect Storm



Base on a true story about a group of fishermen caught in an unusual storm while fishing. The film stars George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Diane Lane. A total of $328.7 gross sales was accounted to the movie. 




The movie adaptation of Marvel’s comic group The X-men excites the whole world with its high visual effects and huge star cast. The film earned $296.3 sales which made them the ninth film on the list. 

What Lies Beneath



A horror-drama film that tells a story of lady scientist who believes that her home is haunted. The film thrills bring them to the tenth spot with gross sales of $291.4.

The start of new millennium was full of good and quality films. The list served as proof of how the year was entertained with good movies.      

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