What are the Highest grossing Movies of 2015?

The movies of 2015 were all amazing and mind blowing. Each film will surely leave a mark to their viewers and for sure that you have heard them saying that if you still don’t watch the film, then you are certainly missing something. With all of these excellent movies of 2015, let us see who ranked the best with the highest-grossing movies, together with the overview of the film and the award winning movies. Here are the top 10 movies by worldwide gross:


1. Star Wars - The Force Awakens



The movie bust out all pre-sale ticket documents in its opening weekend and this makes the film the highest-grossing in its worldwide opening, surpassing the opening of Jurassic World. The film later became the primary to exceed of up to $800 million in its domestic box office showing and it also became the first film in Disney to gross about $1 billion in the foreign box office. The movie grossed about $2,039,842,295 worldwide.


2. Jurassic World    



Jurassic World grossed $1,670,400,637 worldwide and it was the highest-grossing movie in its opening of all time, surpassing Deathly Hallows and Harry Potter. In North America, it also surpassed the records of The Avengers in its opening day, but unfortunately, their record has been surpassed by Star Wars. Jurassic World won the Hollywood Film Awards of being best in the Hollywood Visual Effects.


3. Furious 7      



Furious 7 is the primary film that became the fastest movie to accrue $1 billion in its tickets sales globally, but later surpassed by Jurassic World and then surpassed again by Star Wars. The grossed income of Furious 7 is $1,516,045,911. Furious 7 won 6 major awards during its awards night.


4. Avengers - Age of Ultron



The movie premiered is on April of last year in Los Angeles, California. The movie received positive assessments from critics with most taking pleasure its overstated but unmemorable action villain and series. Avengers already have two sequels that are planned to be released on 2018 and 2019 respectively. Avengers grossed about $1,405,413,868 worldwide and this makes it the fourth-highest-grossing movie of 2015.


5. Minions          



Minions turned out to be the primary non-Disney animated movies, the third in the animated movie right after the 2010 Toy Story 3 and the 2013 Frozen to gross about $1,159,398,397. It is presently next to the top grossing animated movie of all time. Minions also won the People’s Choice Awards of being the Family favorite movie.


6. Spectre



Spectre turned out to be the second James Bond movie to be featured in IMAX venues right after Skyfall, but it was not really filmed with the IMAX cameras. Spectre gained mixed reviews during its release, and disapproved its length of viewing, but was praised for its cinematography and action series. The theme won the Best Original Song for Golden Globe awards. Spectre grossed about $879,321,600 worldwide.


7. Inside-Out



When the movie was viewed in North America, it was accompanied by a short movie Lava. Critics have praised the movie’s concept, musical score, poignant subject matter, and the vocal recitals of stars. The movie grossed $856,809,711 in the worldwide box office and during its opening week, it was considered as the highest opening grossed movie from an original title. The movie was ranked on second place on Rotten Tomatoes and also gained several awards.


8. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation



The movie was released by Paramount Pictures in North America for commercial and critical success. In its launching weekend it seized about $56 million box office in the U.S. but grossed about $682,330,139 million worldwide. Although there were no awards received and has not been nominated, it is the second top-grossing movie in its series.


9. The Hunger Games - Mockingjay - Part 2



The movie positively praised by critics for their screenplay, performances, and action series, though it was disapproved for dividing the ending adaptation in two parts. The movie place in the sixth-biggest opening, but became number one during the global box-office in four consecutive weeks. The movie grossed over about $652,899,656 million worldwide, although it is the lowest within the four films in its franchise, but it is still a commercial achievement.


10. The Martian



The movie takes positive reviews and has a grossed of $620,074,309 million worldwide. It is Scott's top-grossing movie to date and rank 10th as the highest-grossing movie of 2015. It received numerous accolades like the Best Motion Picture in Golden Globe Award. Damon also received some awards nominations for his performances like the Best Actor in Golden Globe awards.


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